About The Thinking Kid

Orthodox rabbinic student/part-time Talmud teacher||youthful & idealistic||Lover of discussion — alternatively found in quiet & thought.

The following is from my original profile description, which I believe says a lot about what it is I seek to accomplish with my writing:

“To be honest, a kid is not the most exact description. I’m a young adult who studies full-time at a Yeshiva (Orthodox Jewish school). Let’s just say we’re using the term “kid” rather broadly..

“Regardless, I believe it is the Child who asks, seeks, and doesn’t settle for mediocrity. The pure faith in Reason and Purpose. The somewhat naive. That Spirit that isn’t lost in rote, and that Search that isn’t lost in definitions. An adult isn’t always prone to new insights; change. The seasoned, at times, seem to surrender to fate and circumstance. The Child, by contrast, is that motor that never loses touch – and adventure is always right around the corner. Youth inspire change. And change isn’t always bad. Especially when combined with thought.

“Well, there I go ruminating again — which I’ll readily embrace. Because a Search with Thought may just bring back the Purity; those Simplistic Truths we knew as a Child. And that is the best Change there could be.”

There isn’t much better than feedback and discussion. Feel free to reach me on my contact page!